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Our Vision

Our vision is to promote health prevention and to fill the gap between science and action, in order to achieve global sustainable health.

As a pioneering incubator for cutting-edge health prevention companies in the pre-commercial phase, WCPSH is dedicated to maximizing resources and establishing centers of excellence and health prevention hubs. With a global mission to address the pressing needs in the field of health prevention, we work with diverse scientific, economic, and political partners to bring innovative solutions to the world. At the forefront of advancing health and well-being on a global scale, WCPSH leverages its unique blend of resources, expertise, and innovative thinking to positively impact people's lives through our unwavering commitment to health prevention and sustainable development.

The main objective of the World Council on Prevention and Sustainable Health 


The WCPSH strives to bridge the gap between science and action by promoting health rather than just managing diseases. By translating the best available scientific evidence into both clinical models and population-based approaches, we aim to achieve this objective.


WCPSH is aligned with the United Nations' goal to reduce premature deaths from non-communicable diseases and improve mental health by 2030. Our organization is dedicated to promoting sustainable health prevention worldwide by utilizing our resources and expertise to create innovative solutions that benefit people's health and well-being globally.

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Strengthening ties between international academic experts and economic leaders

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The WCPSH endeavors to establish strong connections between international academic experts and economic leaders to create fair and effective practices for global sustainable health. The Council's activities and initiatives are centered on the idea of sustainable health as defined by the World Health Organization (WHO), which is a component of sustainable development.


Given that sustainable health encompasses more than just medicine and clinical practices, the Council works to bring together experts from all disciplines to create innovative clinical and population-based solutions that encourage healthy behavior through favorable living conditions and environments. In line with the objectives of the WHO, the Council is committed to promoting health and well-being for people around the world.

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