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Welcome to the World Council for Prevention of Sustainable Health (WCPSH), where innovation meets global health transformation. Our mission is to serve as an incubator for groundbreaking research in global health prevention.


We are committed to accelerating translational research and translating prevention into tangible actions that reshape population behavior through enticing programs.

World council on Prevention and sustainable health

Jean Barussaud

CEO and Chairman of WCPSH

World Council on Prevention and Sustainable Health

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At WCPSH, we firmly believe in the power of collaboration. Partnering with like-minded entities creates win-win scenarios, enhancing our collective capacity for prevention.


From early detection of mental health issues to identifying elusive cancers and preventing cardiometabolic risks, our collaborations aim to impact approximately 1 billion lives globally.

In the pursuit of global health, prevention is the compass guiding us towards a sustainable and resilient world.

Professor James Anderson, 2018.

As pioneers in health innovation, WCPSH operates with a Capital Venture Fund model, supporting major breakthroughs in global health.


Our network includes world-renowned experts dedicated to prevention, reshaping the traditional medical paradigm.


We advocate for a shift towards prioritizing prevention over costly therapeutic interventions, aiming to make prevention the ultimate solution.

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Join us in revolutionizing global health.


The WCPSH leadership is open to discussions on partnerships, fostering positive synergies within the global healthcare system.


Together, let's create a healthier world through proactive and impactful prevention strategies.

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Our Vision

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Health Prevention

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